Add delicious soup to your Entrée for $2.00

(All entrees served with Pita bread ad Greek salad lettuce mix.)

​20. Gyro Plate (Choice of Chicken or Beef)                         $10.99

Authentic low fat meat slices topped with tzatziki sauce.

​21. Lamb Shank (oven baked) topped with tzatziki            $ 18.99

​Served with mashed potatoes.

​22​. Roasted Lamb                                                               $12.99

​Cooked slowly, juicy and soft, no fat, no bones, lamb pieces.

​23. Lamb Kebab                                                                  $12.99

​Seasoned lamb (souvlaki) topped with tzatziki sauce.

24. Chicken Kebab                                                              $12.99

​Seasoned chicken breast cubes topped w/tzatziki sauce.

25. Zorba's Combo Mixed Grill                                            $17.99

​Small portions of lamb and chicken cubes, gyro slices,

Greek meatballs and chicken gyro slices topped w/tzatziki sauce.

​26. Mousaka (oven baked)                                                  $11.99

​Eggplant and potatoes, ground meat w/meat sauce topped with

tzatziki sauce.

27. Mediterranean Charbroiled Salmon                              $12.99

​Mediterranean Herb marinated grilled Salmon.

28. Vegetarian Plate                                                           $10.99

Dolmades, Hummus, Falafel, Spanakopita

​29. Falafel Plate (oven baked)                                            $9.99

Our Menu

1. Avgolemona

    Lemon, Chicken, Rice  ( Authentic Greek Soup)

2. Fake Soup

    Red Lentil Soup  (Authentic Vegetarian Greek Soup)

    Add Pita Bread $1.00



7. Gyro Sandwich and Spanakopita       $10.50

​8. Spanakopita                                      $6.55

Greek Spinach pie with feta cheese

10. ​Hummus with pita                             $5.75

Creamy pure of chickpeas and tahini (sesame seeds paste)

​seasoned with lemon juice and garlic.

11. Volcano Feta with pita bread          $5.75

A thick creamy Greek dip made with spices and feta cheese

12. Tzatziki with pita bread                  $5.75

​Strained Greek yogurt with fine diced cucumber, garlic, salt and olive oil.

14. Falafel with Hummus                      $5.75

Chickpeas mixed with fresh garlic, onion and spices.

15. Feta Cheese & Olives W/Pita           $5.75

​16. Dolmades (vegetarian)                     $5.75

​Grape leaves stuffed with long grain rice toasted pine nuts, fresh hers and seasonings.

17. Keftedakia Souvlaki w/pita              $5.75

​Grilled spicy Greek meatballs (beef and lamb mixed)

18. Appetizer Sample Plate w/pita        $12.99

19. Tarama salata w/pita                       $5.75


Add Soup to your Salad                          $2.00

Add Pita Bread                                      $1.00

Add Chicken                                          $2.50

Add Lamb Kebab                                   $3.00

3.California Greek Salad                $9.00

Cucumber, Onion, Lettuce, Parsley, Fresh Mint, Feta Cheese, Marinated Artichoke Heart, Tomato,

Kalamata Olives, Dolmades, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Fresh Lemon Juice (organic)

4. Mediterranean Salmon Salad    $12.99

​Herb Marinated grilled Salmon over lettuce and Greek salad

​5. Authentic Greek                          $8.50

Tomato, cucumber, mint parsley, Kalamata olive,

​feta cheese, red onion, dolmades

6. Mixed Sea Food Salad                 $13.99

​Herb marinated shrimp and Greek salad


30. Just Sandwich                                       $6.99

Your choice of any sandwich

31. Gyro Sandwich Plate                              $8.99

lamb gyro slices rolled in pita bread w/tzatziki sauce

served with side Greek salad.

32. Chicken Gyro Sandwich Plate                 $8.99

​Chicken Gyro slices rolled in pita bread w/tzatziki

​sauce served with side Greek salad.

33. Falafel Sandwich Plate                           $8.99

Falafel pieces rolled in pita bread with Hummus

​and tzatziki sauce served with side Greek salad.

34. Keftedakia Sandwich Plate                     $8.99

Spicy Greek meatballs rolled in pita bread

with tzatziki sauce served with side Greek salad.

35. Veggie Sandwich Plate                           $8.99

​Hummus, Dolmades, Pita bread 

served with side Greek salad

36. Feta Cheese & Greek Salad Sandwich Plate   $8.99

​Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Lettuce served with side Greek salad.

​Extra Tzatziki Sauce   .50 Cents

​Extra Gyro Meat         $1.50


Baklava                                                          $3.50

Honey Syrup with walnuts baked in filo dough 

Baklava and Turkish Coffee                              $5.50